Vegan Cupcake Master
Hi my name is Maxine Grabowski

Welcome to 96 Lives Vegan Bakery! 
"Where no on gets hurt" Thats the motto of the Bakery.
I have this wonderful idea that I can change the way the world thinks one vegan cupcake at a time.
Guess what its working!
Vegans, Veggies, Lactose Intolerant, gluten free,  it doesnt matter everyone loves a good cupcake. And according to my followers these are good cupcakes. When you taste these cupcakes you will understand why my family has proclaimed me the Vegan Cupcake Master!
I love it! But it doesn't stop at cupcakes, YOU NAME IT! Donuts, cakes, pies, cheesecake, cookies...
All organic non-GMO and organic ingredients!
But best off all ! All my yummy baked good are baked with love and compassion!
No Animals Hurt at 96 Lives!